Everyday throughout Europe and on a worldwide basis, cars are transported from point A to point B without incident or any problems. That is providing that you have entrusted your vehicle to a reputable car shipping company have done your homework and thoroughly researched the agent you have decided to entrust your car to. However, on occasions, damage and incidents can happen, incidents and accidents which are completely beyond the shipping agent's control, even though they have taken all reasonable precautions as well as all due care and attention.

What do you do when your vehicle has been damaged or is a total loss?

The first thing the owner of a vehicle which has been damaged in transit must do is to prove that this damage was not there previously, this is assuming the shipping agent has not admitted or noticed any damage.

There are a couple of different factors which need to be taken into consideration such as the extent of the damage and the nature of the damage. Damage can occur by the company's own negligence or by external factors, negligence such as bumps and scratches while your vehicle is being handled by the company. External factors such as hail damage if the vehicle is being transported in an open trailer or vandalism for example are out of the company's control, however; they still remain liable for any damage sustained.

If your vehicle has a couple of scratches which weren't there before, if the transport company will not assume responsibility, it will be down to you to prove that they are new, hence why it is essential to take detailed photos of all parts of the car including any existing damage, make sure that your photos are stamped and dated to prove to car shipping agent that these are new. Ideally, when the photos have been taken, the agent should have a copy provided to them. In addition to this, the agent would have also filled in a form detailing any damage or blemishes prior to accepting the vehicle. This goes for any type of minor to moderate damage as whenever there is a total loss, it is much easier to prove.

In the eventuality in which your vehicle is damaged beyond repair, then it is relatively easier to prove, rare as it may be, accidents and incidents do and can happen resulting in a total loss, be it through the transport agent's negligence or external factors, whenever a vehicle is transported there is always a certain element of risk involved.

By taking some simple and quick precautions prior to signing your car over to a car transport company, you can avoid ending up in a situation in which it is your word against theirs in respect of damage, having simple evidence to substantiate your claim will speed up any insurance claims against the company and avoid lengthy court procedures.