The Ups and Downs of Young Driver's Insurance

While it is true that this group accounts for a large proportion of accidents on Britain's roads, the reality is that only a minority of bad drivers in this group are actually "problem" drivers. Last year two pay-outs by the AA topped over A�5 million, both of the drivers in these accidents were young men. The resulting pay-outs, insurers admit, are one of the reasons that young driver's insurance is so costly. However, there are ways in which both individual drivers and the insurance industry can help to cut the costs.

Safety and Security Measures

While young women have, in the past, been able to find cheaper premiums than their male counterparts, changes in the law have ruled that this is discriminatory. As a result, young women are now facing similar premiums to young men. The reality is, of course, that most young drivers do not cause major accidents and are being penalised for the dangerous driving of just a few. Cutting your premiums can be achieved by some of the following methods.

Security measures including a car alarm, immobiliser and, where possible, storing the car in a garage will all create a lower risk for the insurer, which will cut the cost of your insurance.

Driving a less powerful car will also make a difference. High powered, or modified, cars are considered much more of a risk for insurance companies, and combined with age this can only lead to a costly insurance premium. Until you have a good driving record, consider a lower powered, un-modified vehicle.

Safe driving has always been the key to avoiding accidents and penalties. Although this will not cut your premium in the first year it will help when it comes to renewal. In addition you can take a Pass Plus course, which many insurers accept as proof of additional driving skills. Different insurers have different rules relating to this so check your insurer accepts the course and shop around for the best discount available. In some cases, the discount can be as much as thirty per cent.

Insurance Industry Offers 

Since 2006 a number of insurers have sought to make young driver's insurance more affordable by offering a 'black box' device that can be fitted to your car. This device monitors your driving skills and road safety. Factors include braking skills, cornering and also the times of day that you drive. Based on a points system the insurer assesses the actual risk that you pose, rather than one based on generalised factors.

This can make a huge saving for good, safe drivers. For young drivers, this is the option that could make all the difference to their premiums and make young driver insurance affordable for the first time in many years. Ultimately safe driving and understanding the rules of the road will help to cut the cost of driving and to keep young drivers safe.

Young drivers insurance has traditionally been the most expensive car insurance. A number of simple steps can help to reduce the risk and the premium levels, while insurers are now offering insurance tailored to driving skills.