Windshield Repair and Questions to Ask

Windshield Repair and Questions 

The auto glass replacement and repair industry has grown rapidly over the last few years and there seems to be a new auto glass shop on every corner. But how do you choose one, and how do you know they are reputable? Here are some of the basic things you need to know about your car in order to get the correct windshield, and some questions to ask to know if you are dealing with a stable, reputable company who will give great service and be around for years to come.
Windshield Repair and Questions to Ask

Windshield repair questions: What is their installation warranty?

Most reputable glass shops have some sort of guarantee on the quality of their work. This applies to the actual installation and is not a guarantee against breakage of the glass due to an impact from a rock or other object, or against manufacturer's defects. It should cover any problems such as water or air leaks in the windshield seal, and peeling or detachment of the moldings. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty guaranteeing the quality of our windshield repairs. If you ever have air or water leaks coming from the seal of your windshield or if your moldings peel back or become detached, we will repair the problem free of charge as long as the glass we installed is in your vehicle.

Windshield repair questions: What is their glass warranty?

Most shops will also offer a limited time manufacturer's warranty against pits, chips, air bubbles, lamination defects and other problems with your auto glass that originated with the manufacturer. Ask what is covered and what amount of time you have to report a problem. Most manufacturers' defect will show up during installation or very shortly thereafter. Most companies allow a full 60 days from the date of installation for customers to report manufacturer's defects and offers a full, no-charge replacement when such defects are found.

Windshield repair questions: 

Is there a warranty against other forms of breakage?

Some, but not all glass shops will also offer some form of warranty against other forms of breakage that were not due to a manufacturer's defect. This may include glass breakage due to rocks from the road, vandalism, theft, etc. For windshields repairs, most companies offer an unlimited warranty against all forms of breakage other than manufacturer's defects and will replace your glass for the cost of labor, which is $69.95, plus any applicable mobile service fees. This helps to eliminate much of the anxiety of wondering if your windshield will get broken shortly after installation, particularly if you live in an area where there is a great deal of road construction or other hazards.