Give and Profit

Give and Profit 

The Torah says "Asser T'Asser", "You will unquestionably give tithe". This is an order to a rancher to part with one-tenth of his produce, or one-tenth of a representative's benefits, to the Levites and penniless. "Maaser" in Hebrew. 

The Sages have an idiom: "Asser, bishvil shetisasher", "Part with a tenth that you may get rich." The Hebrew words "Asser" (give a tenth) and "Osher" (riches) get from a similar root. 

Here is one story among numerous from the Talmud how somebody who gave a tenth was compensated. 

Some time ago numerous years back in Israel, there carried on a rancher whose field delivered a thousand bushels of wheat consistently, a generous sum. The principal thing he generally did after collect was to separate a full tenth as "Maaser". This was a sum of one hundred bushels of wheat - a considerable amount. He parted with it joyfully, however, to the workers of G-d in the Holy Temple and the poor. There was a bounty for whatever he required, other than reserve funds. He was getting progressively prosperous consistently. 

Before he died, he told his child: "Everything will currently have a place with you to do as you wish. Tune in to my recommendation and steadfastly give "Maaser", a tenth to philanthropy, and our territory will keep on delivering one thousand bushels per year." 

Reap opportunity arrived, and the land grew one thousand bushels of wheat. The child adhered to his dad's guidance and gave one hundred bushels as "Maaser" to philanthropy. 

The following year the child felt he didn't need to part with such a great amount of, so for whatever reason, he gave ninety bushels. 

The year from that point onward, the land just grew 900 bushels. The child attempted to make up his misfortune and gave just eighty bushels. 

He bets on the following year's collect, however to his disappointment it just delivered 800 bushels. 

He didn't understand what was occurring and fanatically continued curtailing the sum he gave out. 

Following a couple of years, he was getting just a single hundred bushels out of his ranch. This was as much as his dad initially gave for philanthropy. 

He welcomed his loved ones to assist him with bearing his adversity. Everybody came, except they were dressed as though for a festival. 

"For what reason did you come to affront me?" he cried. 

"G-d disallows", they said. "You used to possess the land and give 10% to G-d's words. Presently G-d possesses the land and you get the 10%. You merit congrats on becoming a worker of G-d in the Holy Temple. 
Give and Profit

The youngster understood the exercise his companions showed him and gave significantly greater philanthropy. Very soon he was much more prosperous than previously, and everyone lived joyfully ever after.