Car Accidents: Defective Auto Parts or Driver Negligence?

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Car Accidents If you have ever been in a traffic accident or have seen one, you would know how disastrous it can be. Auto parts everywhere, glass shards shining on the concrete and occasional death. There are a number of factors that contribute to the risk of an accident, i.e. vehicle design, speed, road design, and environment bust mostly it is driver skill and behavior.

Statistics show that most of the accidents occur due to the driver's negligence than faulty auto parts. 
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The leading 4 causes for accidents due to driver's negligence are:

1. Driving while distracted.

Diverting attention towards other things such as cell phones, food, texting while driving is the leading cause of motor accidents in the U.S.
2. Speeding
Speed kills. The faster you go, the slower is the reaction time to prevent an accident.
3. Tailgating.
Driving impatiently and recklessly and too close to another vehicle is a tested method to get into accidents. In case of driving behind heavy vehicles, if you are within 200 meters, there is a chance that your windshield will suffer damage from rocks and pebbles jettisoned by HMV's tires. Minor cracks can be fixed via auto glass repairs but at times you will have to replace the whole auto windshield. The auto glass insurance claim can help you with it.
4. Drunk driving.
Alcohol impairs the ability to focus and function properly and is very dangerous while driving. It is one of the leading causes of motor accidents.
At times, accidents occur due to faulty auto parts or auto design. The parts mostly lead to accidents are brakes, tires, steering, and suspension. Sometimes SUVs, minivans, and trucks go into barrel roll if you turn tight corners at high speed, this is because of their design which leads to a high center of gravity when compared to sedans.

Some tips to avoid accidents:

1. Go slow.
Stay within the speed limits. Remember that speed kills and there is no such thing as safe speeding.
2. Keep away from distractions.
Avoid using cell phones and other distractions while driving. It's not only dangerous for you but also for people around you.
3. Don't get in with a drunk driver.
Avoid drunk driving at all costs. If you are drunk let someone else drive and vice versa.
4. Avoid tailgating.
Keep at least a 4 seconds distance between you and the car ahead so that you can get ample time to stop if they slam their brakes.
5. Wear seatbelts.

They are not just an accessory in your car. Seatbelts prevent driver ejection in case of an accident and hold you firm in your seat.

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